Friday, August 01, 2008

Here is a non-sequitur collection of observations from the last couple of days:

- I took the same plane as the Brazilian women's handball team. I had to look up what exactly handball is. The women were really tall. I called them Amazons from the Amazon.
- South Korea is the sixth country I have visited, the third country I have lived in, and the first place I have ever been to that was never part of the British empire.
- the guy with the hand-held metal detector in Toronto was Muslim and Pakistani. He looked at my boarding pass, saw my name, and immediately switched to Urdu. He asked where I was going, what I was doing there, and then asked me to pray for him because prayers are more likely to be accepted when traveling.
- in the event, I spent about 8 of the 14 hours on the plane sleeping, another two eating, most of that time spent trying to distinguish between ham and turkey sandwiches, and the rest watching 21 and 88 minutes. In the future, I will only watch movies whose titles consist of numbers.
- the barbecue chicken place down the street promises the "best believable quality" and the city where I live describes itself in a booklet as "the very place where you can enjoy comfort and pleasure of your life as well as dream of all our happiness" -- and that's one of the more coherent descriptions.

Still, I shouldn't make too much fun of people who speak good but not great English. I mostly get around by gesturing, putting lots of money on the counter and taking back what's left.

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