Monday, August 11, 2008

I moved into a new apartment yesterday, the second of three moves in the month of August. This apartment has a working television and cable, and today I managed to figure out which button is the power button (not the biggest button). I think some English programming is available: I caught a bad sitcom on what I think is a FOX-related channel as well as WWE wrestling (it's Monday night here!). But really I want the television to be able to watch the Olympics. Right now, a Korean is facing an Italian in fencing, and the announcers are taking this very, very seriously.

Korea has already won four gold medals, good for second behind China (8) and ahead of the US and A (3). Korea's 6 total medals are third behind China and America, both of whom have 12. I can believe that, but what's amazing is that North Korea has somehow won four medals. North Korea apparently has good judokas, weightlifters and shooters. I'm guessing these aren't the North Koreans who are eating twigs in the countryside, and they're probably fit enough to be able to live in Pyongyang, which is a Beautiful People's Club of sorts. North Korea has four more medals than Canada, but then again, Canadians don't believe that they're doing God's work.

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