Thursday, September 11, 2008

So, finally, here are ten pictures from Korea, five from the shiny new camera I bought today and the rest courtesy of friends.

This is Yongsan station in Seoul, served by both subway and commuter trains. I took this picture from a comfy commuter train that made the 30-kilometre trip from Seoul to Suwon in a half hour, twice as fast as the subway and for the same price. Since this train was really an inter-city train, there was also food service (I saw Pringles and beef jerky for sale).

The next two shots are of the main street in my neighbourhood, the grittiest part of the third-largest city in the Seoul area. It's called Gokbanjeongdong (Coke-bun-jung-dung said as fast as possible).

This is the ultra-futuristic lock on my front door.

And, this, is my tiny, free and dishevelled apartment. I inherited the plant on the right. I didn't notice it until I uploaded this picture. I've lived here for about three weeks. The instant noodles bowl in the bottom right hand corner was for a leaky AC (top right).

Show-and-tell with an overworked 5-year-old:

Art of some sort with a very, very over-worked and overambitious 2-year-old (not my student, thankfully)

This is the front door of my building. To the right is a bar called Queen Kong. They sell ordinary snacks for around $13-17. Needless to say, it's mostly patronized by the owners and their friends. To the left is a cafe/bar that I've never seen open.

This is...I'm not sure what this is.

This is a cake for a going-away party. There's cake everywhere in this country, albeit always vanilla. Note the glass Pepsi bottle to the left.

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