Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The autumn wind is a pirate, says John (The Voice of God) Facenda, but it hasn't quite blustered over the East Sea yet. The weather here has been too pleasant for too long. I never thought I could wear sandals into late October, but here we are. The daily highs are still over 20, and a kid wore shorts to school as late as yesterday. The brisk fall air that I love so much isn't here yet, and I figure it won't be here for another month.

Meanwhile, North Bay got 6 inches of snow last night, Barrie got about 2 inches, and the overnight low in Toronto was -1. I can't say I would give up the option to wear sandals into November, but the fresh snow and crisp air on Highway 11 look really good for some reason.

Speaking of the Raiders, they've won two games this year, but my Broncos somehow remain in first place with a 2-game lead (one game plus a tiebreaker). The Bills, Cardinals and Bears are also somehow in first, though the Bengals and Lions are predictably winless.

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