Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lately, I've been inundated by messages to vote from both Canadians and Americans. Note that the following diatribe is in no way connected with my own bumbling of the overseas voting process. Display pictures, status updates and various other forms of careful online posturing urge me to not just vote, but to VOTE!!!! I suppose one benefit of these non-partisan exhortations to vote is that the reader is exempted from brain-dead partisan exhortations, but do we really just want anyone to vote? Consider the sort people that are allowed to vote when everyone can vote, and I don't just mean Americans, as is shown here.

Canadians with half-baked views about all sorts of things marched to the polls yesterday because well-meaning people, possibly including you, urged them to vote. Granted, some of them voted the right way, but others voted the wrong way, and on the balance, people with half-baked or uninformed beliefs tend to vote the wrong way. When you want every voice to count, or endorse some other cliche to that effect, you're counting voices that really shouldn't be counted. They are the raspy voices of lifelong smokers, the booming, intrusive grumblings of small-c conservatives who want their tax breaks, and the unintelligible grousings of community activists, student protesters and Quebecois separatists.

In the future, please only update your MSN, Facebook or Myspace status to urge people to vote responsibly, and to only vote if they're going to vote the right way. I'll start: if you're going to vote for John McCain, Bob Barr, Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin in the upcoming US presidential election, please don't vote. Instead, stay home and stew yourself in righteous indignation by spending quality time on Free Republic.

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