Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Chinese don't have a saying which says "may you live in interesting times", but we in the West do. And these are interesting times for football fans. The Tennessee Titans, somehow, are 10-0, and the Eagles, Bills and Saints are in last place despite having 5 wins in 10 games. In the NFC West, by contrast, the 49ers are in second place at 3-7. The Titans are astonishingly close to replicating New England's 16-0 regular season last year, and it's worth noting that the Titans have not resorted to cheating in order to win any of their games.

Sweeter than the Broncos' fumbling first-place ride is the fact that New England finds itself in third place this year behind the Jets and Dolphins, neither of whom have a convicted cheat for a head coach. There's nothing quite as sweet as watching unmitigated evil dissipate into nothingness. The Jets play the undefeated Titans this week, and I think it would be very profitable (and haram) to bet on the Jets.

I also have to say I'm happy about the resurgence of of Kurt Warner, who, for three years at the turn of the century was the best quarterback I have ever seen. After 6 years of ignominy with the Giants and then the football death sentence that is playing in Arizona, Warner has emerged like the phoenix with Phoenix at 37. He is on pace to throw for more than 5,000 yards this year and on Sunday could return football's oldest franchise to the playoffs for just the third time since 1975. I never thought I would give so much thought to the Cardinals or to Kurt Warner ever again.

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