Saturday, November 29, 2008

It has been a week of interesting reactions from my students and local children:

Reactions to me wearing a tie

A girl named Eugene: Mr. Adeel, you are a man!
Other student: Yes, Mr. Adeel is a man!

Student: Ah! It is so cute! Very cute!

Reaction to my drawing

Adeel: Now, remember to cut out a hat as big as the head you drew. Like this.
Adeel: What? Why are you erasing it? Does she not understand?
Teaching partner: Oh, she understands, but she says that Mr. Adeel draws very badly.

Reactions to my authority

Student #1: Mr. Adeel, you are going to get no presents from Santa!
Student #2: Yes, Mr. Adeel, you are going to get a rock from Santa!
Student #3: Yes, a black rock!

Reactions to my Korean

Adeel: Your Korean is Kwok Min Seong!
Min Seong giggles hysterically.

Another student asks me to read her Korean name. I read it, she giggles hysterically at my horrendous pronunciation. This repeats itself for the next few minutes.

Reactions to my appearance

Mulleted student, pulling his hair back: Mr. Adeel is like this!
Adeel, grabbing the party end of the mullet: And you are like this!

Last night and this afternoon, kids at restaurants have walked over to my table and stared wide-eyed at me for a good 2-3 minutes at a time. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong kind of cologne, but I don't wear cologne. This didn't use to happen.

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