Friday, January 09, 2009

Having seen one game of football in the last two months has it prices. After last weekend's playoff games, even with the advantage of hindsight, I figured that I would've only picked one of the four games correctly. In retrospect, I couldn't see how the Cardinals, Eagles won, and I wouldn't have leaned toward the Chargers, though I can certainly see how the Colts could lose a playoff game. The good news is that the very vicissitudes (an auspicious alliteration I never thought I would attempt) which kept me from Detroit last weekend allowed me to watch four football games last week. I don't think I'm any closer to being able to call these games, however.

The easy one is the Cardinals at the Panthers. I have a strong aversion to watching NFC football games, and an even stronger aversion to watching games including either one of these teams. The Cardinals are lousy and they will lose to the 12-win Panthers on the road.

The most exciting game is the Ravens at the Titans. I've never really been a fan of the Titans, and I love the Ravens, who are purple-shrouded like death in the Iliad. Not in the least because of Ray Lewis, the Ravens are the sort of ferocious team that could potentially and actually kill their opponents. Every single player on the defense seems to be a star, and they excel at turning football games into the equivalent of slaughtering chickens: boring on the surface, but surprisingly appealing to your morbid curiosity. Needless to say, I pick the Ravens, mostly for the Homeric allusion.

The Chargers at Steelers is another very exciting game. The Chargers are lousy in theory, but very dangerous in practice, as well as in games. The defense is very good, though I think it simply matches up very well against pass-heavy offenses like Indianapolis or last year's Patriots. That said, the Steelers offense is sputtering all-round, so the Chargers have an edge there. The Steelers probably have a better defense, and I don't like how my picks have the Chargers hosting the AFC championship game with 8 wins, so I'll pick the Steelers to win.

The Giants will beat the Eagles. I probably won't watch.

I don't have a coin to make experimental picks, but I'm sure it would have done better than I would have. Feel free to use a coin or uniform colours to make your own picks and leave a comment.

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