Sunday, January 04, 2009

One of the highlights of my trip is that I get to spend three hours in Detroit on my way back to Korea (interestingly, there's a direct Detroit-Tokyo flight since the F-150 can't make it over there just yet). The last time I was in Detroit, I was on my way back from Chicago by bus. At the Chicago bus station, I asked someone where I could catch a bus to Detroit. I know I pronounced the name wrong, but I didn't realize just how wrong it was.

Adeel: Excuse me, which exit is the bus for Ditt-royt?
Man: What?
Adeel: Where do I go to get the bus for Ditt-royt?
Man: Huh?
Adeel: Uh, Dee-troyt?
Man: Oh, Dee-troyt, that way, number 5.

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