Saturday, April 11, 2009

When I want to be reminded of, I don't head to the nearest McDonald's or Starbucks, but for the Sean Paul. McDonald's, Starbucks and other prominent representatives of Western society are so omnipresent that I never really left that. Given that I come from (straight outta) Malton, I like to listen to Sean Paul and think of the heavily accessorized mid-sized automobiles and sport utility vehicles, their questionable occupants, and, of course, the music they blare.

The image of North America here is so sanitized that sometimes I forget about the door thugs, the cruising of residential areas with high-end subwoofers, that Gat is a word and that many of my students speak better English than my high school classmates. When I was there, of course, I hated it, but just once, once only, I'd like to go somewhere and hear someone say "bloodclot" and not refer to a medical condition.

(If you are reading this on Facebook, you misssed the real point of this post, which is this video.)

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