Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update: My mother said I can't go to Pakistan. Since it would be catastrophic to go to Pakistan without visiting relatives (and availing their support), and I can't contact them without her, Pakistan is out. My new plan is to cross from China into Kyrgyzstan, fly to Turkey and then travel across Europe. Resorting to air travel breaks my heart, but there's too much dead space going north through Siberia. Land travel west from China towards Europe involves going through one of Pakistan (and a very dangerous part of Pakistan at that) or Turkmenistan and then Iran.

Unsurprising to anyone who discovered that a train across Canada costs $2,000 but a flight is less than half of that (although a bus is about $200), the Bishkek-Istanbul flight saves me about $200 and 4 days of my life. I imagine Manas International Airport to be not unlike Franz Kafka International Airport, so perhaps the dignity lost through the attendant vagaries will simulate the dignity lost from overland travel.

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