Thursday, July 23, 2009

대한민국! 대한민국!

Korea isn't entirely a perfect country. To the last entry, I can add that when I was running in a quasi-eclipse yesterday, a construction worker stopped me to offer a prism for looking at the sun. Still, the country isn't perfect. Take, for example, Korean politics. Chris from Reading, Pennsylvania writes "So uh, WTF IS UP WITH THAT CRAZY PARLIAMENT?!!!"

Readers from B&O and Short Line have so far been silent on the matter, but a media ownership bill drove the Korean National Assembly into all-out violence for the second day in a row. This does not happen in Canada, to the best of my knowledge.

Here's a video. If you are seeing this on Facebook, click here to see the video.

Not pictured is the pro-wrestling-style leap one man took from a table onto the podium. I will try and find it.

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