Monday, September 21, 2009

Home, zweet homeven

Belgium is the weirdest partest of this trip: I know someone here. Well, sort of. I'm staying with my dad's cousin here, who I haven't met before, and who my dad hasn't met since 1974, or possibly 1978, memories are spotty. I'm staying about 100 kilometres from Brussels in the town of Verviers. Belgium itself is as I pictured it, multilingual, clean and beautiful. My uncle not only speaks fluent French, but he can lay claim to having lived in the Zaire of Mbutu. He's a learned, worldly man who takes in each of my half-baked anecdotes with thoughtful consideration, and then remarks, "this is true".

So here you have it, a few days and Eid-ul-Fitr with virtual strangers who are also family. It's a big world, big enough that if you travel for a while, eventually you'll bump into somebody who's part of your large Pakistani family.

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