Monday, October 12, 2009

Seoul fighting! (against Toronto)

The Woodbine casino is a large neon blight on a grassy field in Toronto. I was running by there tonight when a throwback-jersey-like baby blue Korean Air jet, complete with Pepsi logo, flew by very close. I spent the rest of the run thinking of the pros and cons of Toronto as compared to Seoul.

1. No cell phone service in the subway. Advantage Toronto
2. Compared to the chaos of Seoul, Toronto has a quaint, small-town charm. Seoul has the madness of the world's second-biggest city, not to mention its contrasts of endless high-rises and green mountains, a city built entirely in the last 30 years and palaces going back centuries. Draw
3. Street names. Advantage Toronto
4. Being able to yell out requests at waiters that are ten feet away. Advantage Seoul
5. Jamaican patties and brewed coffee. Advantage Toronto
6. The ubiquity of free instant coffee. Advantage Seoul
7. IBK takes about 7 minutes to give you a new bank card, the Royal Bank of Canada takes 7 days. Advantage Seoul
8. Galbi restaurants with a proletarian, not a ridiculously pretentious yuppie atmosphere. Advantage Seoul
9. People say goodbye on the phone in Toronto, but nobody says yeoboseyo. Draw
10. Bagels cost less than three dollars each. Advantage Toronto
11. More than six Chinese dishes, which don't come smothered in black bean sauce. Advantage Toronto
12. No fat people, and an endless supply of good-looking people in places like Gangnam. Advantage Seoul
13. Streetcars. Advantage Toronto
14. Triangular kimbap and strawberry milk. Advantage Seoul
15. No office workers shiny suits in Toronto, but also no Dunkin' Donuts employees in bright orange vests and berets. Draw

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