Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bachmann turning in overdrive

Guy Fawkes Day is probably a bad time to declare an insurgency, but that's what Michele Bachmann did. Bachmann is a member of the American House of Representatives and she sent Rush Limbaugh an email entitled "Insurgency in Congress". This insurgency was planned for Thursday, November 5, with the aim of maintaining America's status as the only developed country without national health insurance. In addition to the frightening title of the email, Bachmann wrote:

"If real freedom-loving Americans come to Washington and walk up and down the halls of the office buildings and the capitol tracking down congressmen, looking them in the whites of their eyes and getting them on videotape, then I think we can kill this thing. If we can kill health care this week in the House, I think we will kill it for the next ten years. We have Jon Voight and Mark Levin confirmed, also Betsy McCaughey. We'll have a meet-up at the Capitol steps and then the insurgency begins. It's a big task, but it's the best way to really kill the bill, which is our goal."

Bachmann is, of course, no stranger to lunacy. In the past, she has called for an investigation of anti-American activities from left-wing liberals in Congress, refused to fill out the census form because that's how the Japanese were sent to internment camps, and rambled incoherently about the benefits of carbon dioxide.

Once again, I call for Chairman Mao on the US dollar bill by 2030. 毛主席是我们心中的红太阳!

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