Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pizza is also Italian and greasy

It doesn't happen often, but there are times the Toronto Transit Commission simply shines (other times it simply shuts down). Every Wednesday, you can buy extraordinarily plain rectangles of pizza, of varying sizes and freshness, for a dollar each. There's nothing really remarkable about Pizza Pizza pizza itself (real slogan: "Ontario's #1 pizza!") aside from the lexical ambiguity it produces, but the situation together is interesting.

The TTC is harshly criticized by the sort of half-wits that troll the comments sections of newspaper websites and, sometimes, if they get their act together and write in sentence form without the excessive use of ellipses and mistyped exclamation marks as "1", also the letters section of lesser newspapers. Most of the complaints are that TTC workers are paid too much for too little work, which surprises me because TTC employees tend to wear ties, and no one ever considers anybody wearing a tie to be overpaid. Unionized workers are really no different from other workers in that they are paid what someone is willing to pay them, otherwise BSWs would make a lot more than MBAs.

Anyway, not all TTC employees look like burly teamsters, but a large number do. Fortunately, it's the large, burly Teamster types that stand around selling pizza. Presumably, these people aren't paid to sell pizza since the proceeds from the pizza go to charity, but I'm not entirely sure. Nothing warms your heart like gruff, burly men who typically have a union mandate to not even look at you selling you cheap pizza. This works even in that unsavoury ring of outer suburbs that make up Toronto's banlieue, places like Wilson station, where a sign still informs you that the stairs only go up to buses on the "upper and lower level only".

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