Tuesday, November 10, 2009

San Diego, super-charged

Watching the Chargers pull out a 21-20 win over the Giants was watching the Chargers do what they do. This year's 2-3 start was a blessing compared to last year's 4-8 and the year before that they started 1-3. The game was very exciting. Up 17-4, the Giants had first-and-goal at the Chargers' 4 with 3 minutes left. They muffed it up and kicked a field goal on fourth down making it 20-14. Going for it on fourth down would have either sealed the game or given the Chargers 96 yards to go in two minutes.

A Chargers field goal after a failed fourth-down conversion would have only tied the game and a touchdown would have won. But a touchdown would have also won against a 20-14 lead, as was the case. Given the choice between a certain victory and a 96-yard field, I think the Giants should have gone for it. If nothing else, fourth down conversions are entertaining. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of wusses play, and wusses tend not to win.

Elsewhere in football, the Saints turned another rout into a decisive victory won going away. Down 14-0 and 17-6 at halftime, New Orleans tied the game 20-20 at the end of the third quarter, kicked a field goal late in the fourth quarter. That must have scared the Panthers so much that a few minutes later, running back DeAngelo Williams simply dropped the ball at his own 1 or 2 yard line. The Saints recovered and nonchalantly strolled into the endzone for a 30-20 win. This was similar to a 24-3 deficit two weeks ago that became a 48-34 win. What has made their last three wins so impressive is that the back-breaking points at the end were scored on defensive touchdowns.

With the best game of the week still to come in a few hours, between the 5-2 Steelers and 6-1 Broncos, it's safe to say that this was the best week of football in a while. There were a number of exciting games, although they were between good or average teams, like the Cowboys-Eagles, Colts-Texans, and Giants-Chargers. There are still two 8-0 teams, one 7-1 team and after tonight, another four teams with at least 6 wins. Compare that with five 1-7 teams.

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