Thursday, December 10, 2009

And on the 43rd day, he rested

There is an excellent article on LetsRun today about the repeatability of your training. In other words, do you train in a way that lets you repeat that training the next year or for the next several years? Much of the article is written for runners far above my level, which isn't surprising considering that the author ran a 2:23 marathon in his day.

Still, training from year to year has been something I've been thinking about this week. This Monday was the first day I didn't run in six weeks, thanks to a vicious combination of Frasier reruns, travel on the 401 and football on TV. Those six weeks of training are the first 6 of 21 weeks I have to train for the Seoul International Marathon in March, not to be confused with the un-international Seoul Marathon in November.

It has been steady but unspectacular training, which is probably how it should be. I dimly recall the last two times I spent a winter training for a marathon. It all started really well, with lots of enthusiasm, but with about two months left to go, week after week of having to be outside in bad weather made me hate running. It probably did make a small difference in the end that I was really running out of gas by race day. This time, therefore, I wisely decided to leave the truly punishing weeks for the very end.

Also on my mind is the fact that I was really out of shape six weeks ago. I ran a 1:32 half marathon six weeks ago, which is a problem because I want to run around a 2:50 in three months and change. I'm sure I've made lots of progress since then, but I question whether repeating the same training from years past is going to take me from a 1:32 half to about 1:20 shape for a half. I presume that the answer is probably yes, but having never really made a comeback of any sort, it's really just a presumption.

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