Sunday, December 06, 2009

Overheard in Toronto

Friday was really the last day of a week where I heard people in this city say some strange things.


"And I get one dollar a day and--wait, it's not one dollar a day because then I'd get a dollar on Saturday and Sunday too--oh, I printed out what I want for Christmas..."

Little girl talking to her Filipino nanny on the 512 streetcar.


"It's two bills and I know you don't got that. ...he met my mom and she was like, "who this?"

Students at what is probably a remedial high school chatting on the subway.



Elderly man walking down the streets of Malton, not exactly Toronto's poshest neighbourhood, casually conversing on a bluetooth.


"Fuck you homo!"
"Show us your tits!"
"Let's fucking kill him!"

These were some of the more printable remarks I heard Thursday night at the SkyDome.


"Many women think that if their child urinates on them, they can't pray because their clothes are dirty, but this is a misconception."

This was at a local mosque. The gentleman who said this also suggested not too long ago that instead of giving out candy on Halloween, we should take the opportunity to introduce trick-or-treaters (median age: 8) to Islam and explain (or claim) that we took the money that could be spent on candy and gave it to charity instead.

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