Sunday, December 13, 2009

Overheard in Toronto


"I went over to my parents house...and you really just had to cut it in half...I've had this problem for over ten years, I've tried filing it...oh, looks like we're almost here."

Things I heard while drifting in and out of sleep heading west on the Bloor line in the evening rush hour.


"Attention folks, there's a young man here who needs change for a five-dollar bill. Can anyone help him out?"

Announcement over the PA system on a Dundas streetcar at Bay Street.


"Kyle? Are you on the bus?"

A woman yelling from the back of a packed 96 Wilson bus at her son, who was sitting near the front. The boy then slapped his gloves together over and over, splashing everyone around him with dirty snow.


"If Ben Roethlisberger wants to win this game, right now he needs to move the football."

Expert analysis late in the Steelers-Browns football game.


"So they had the wedding...but we couldn't was all very funny...but they're talking now, don't worry."

Timothy's at Bay and Queen

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