Friday, January 15, 2010

Ask a 500-yen coin about football

I've been carrying around a 500-yen coin, worth about $6, for almost a month now. I picked it up on this pleasant occasion. At any rate, since I only predicted one of four games correct last weekend, I'm going to let the coin pick this week.

The coin picks:

New Orleans over Arizona

Baltimore over Indianapolis

Minnesota over Dallas

San Diego over New York

On the off chance that you come to this blog to read what I think, I pick Arizona, Indianapolis, Dallas and San Diego.

On the still-more-improbably chance that you're not interested in football, here's the Daily Show on predictions for 2010.

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André said...

I am only vaguely interested in football, in the same way that I'm vaguely interested in fencing or international rugby scores (if facts fall into my lap, I will eat those facts, but if they hit the floor I will leave them for the dog).

Jennifer said...

I picked Dallas, Baltimore, Arizona, and NY (against the spread).

Adeel said...

Looks like picking that fashionable upset was wrong. The Saints have 35 points in the first half.

Jennifer said...

Um, if you want to know who NOT to pick, ask me. :( I thought I had a chance with the underdogs against the spread. I didn't see the first game, but Peyton Manning was just too good for the Ravens defense. He really is beauty to watch.

Adeel said...

Most weeks, especially week 17, you can pick against the spread, but why pick against the spread in the playoffs? The playoffs are about winning, as well as smashmouth football, snow and John Madden.

Jennifer said...

That's just how we do it in this pool. Not my choice.

André said...

Reading over my comment again, I realized that it seems like I'm trying to disparage professional football. I'm not; I just didn't grow up with it and so I don't have the personal history and now I don't have the impetus (in terms of a group of NFL followers I see regularly) to delve more into it. But I read the sports section front to back (of a good newspaper) if it's handed to me, so, like for all sports, my toe is dipped into the pool of interest, but only if it's interesting. Hope I didn't offend, I didn't mean it to be the least bit offensive. Just a response to the idea that most of your readers are NFL fans, which might have been tongue-in-cheek anyway. I'm not breaking this comment into paragraphs, because that way everyone who sees it will be discouraged from reading it.

Jennifer said...

Andre- your post wasn't offensive.

If you don't like football, you don't like it. I happen to like it. :)

Jennifer said...

Coin: 2/4
Adeel: 1/4
Jennifer: 1/4

André said...

But I don't dislike it either!

Anyway, I should have brought back the monkey, who picked opposite to Adeel every time.