Monday, January 04, 2010

I do believe I told you so, now it's all out

I'm sure there were a lot of things I got wrong about the NFL this year, and still more things that I'll get wrong, but I'm proud of foreseeing my beloved Broncos' stunning ineptitude from the fall. On October 13 I wrote "I'm still convinced that the 2-2 Chargers will find a way to win the division over the 5-0 Broncos, but I'm probably in the minority here." The next week the Chargers slipped to 2-3 and the Broncos jumped out to a 6-0 lead, but I didn't flinch, though there's no written record. In the end, the Chargers won their last 11 games while the Broncos lost 8 of their last 10.

There was talk of a lot of bad teams this year and maybe there are a lot of bad teams, but 12 of 16 AFC teams won 7 games or more, as did 11 of 16 NFL teams. Most notably of them were the Titans, who overcame an 0-6 start to finish 8-8 even though I wrote some harsh things about them that I can't find right now.

Anyway, statistics aside, we actually, finally have the playoffs to discuss instead of discussing whether playoff-bound teams would play at full effort. In the interest of producing more amusingly bad predictions, I'll predict the outcomes of all 11 games now, and revisit them every week.

Oddly enough, three of the games next week are rematches from this week.

AFC wild card round

Baltimore at New England: New England, the Ravens are not that good of a team

New York at Cincinnati: Cincinnati, the Jets are not that good of a team, though I hope they win for the way Cincinnati didn't even bother playing for the 3rd seed

NFC wild card round

Philadelphia at Dallas: Dallas, the Cowboys are playing very well with two shutouts and a win over the Saints, while the Eagles have slid

Green Bay at Arizona: Green Bay, the Packers have a very strong offense

AFC divisional round

New England at San Diego: San Diego

Cincinnati at Indianapolis: Indianapolis

NFC divisional round

Dallas at Minnesota: Dallas

Green Bay at New Orleans: New Orleans

AFC championship

San Diego at Indianapolis: San Diego

NFC championship

Dallas at New Orleans: New Orleans

Super Bowl

San Diego vs New Orleans: San Diego


Jennifer said...

I'm actually surprised you're picking San Diego to beat Indianapolis. I don't want the Colts to win, but I still think they will.

Jennifer said...

I just joined a pool where and I made my picks for this week (I have to beat the spread to get them right.)

My picks:


No sense in picking the next week's games. You're bound to be wrong on at least half of this week's.