Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop! Grammar time!

Adeel: Table for four.
Girl stares blankly.
Adeel: Uh, four people? Four...
Girl stares blankly.
Girl, speaking carefully in English: I don't work here.

Clerk: Do you want a bag?
Adeel: No.
Clerk: What? How are you going to carry it?
Adeel: With my hands, sir, with my hands.

Elizabeth: Alley ja bess is better than--
Adeel: What?
Elizabeth: Alley ja bess!
Adeel: Huh?
Amy (pointing): Elizabeth...

Adeel: Guys, get out your homework please.
Peter: Time, time! Teacher, time!

My school doesn't recognize the Zack Morris-style timeouts, unfortunately.

Written on the inside cover of a student's grammar textbook: "Grammar time!"

Adeel: Does anybody here have a Super Nintendo?
Class: What?
Adeel: If you don't know what it is, you don't have it.
Matthew: My friend's father--
Michael: Yeah, they used to have these in the old days. Note: that's a literal translation of the Korean 옛날.

Adeel: Okay, tell us about your father.
Student: ...and my father likes my mother, but my mother never says that shes likes my father.

Adeel: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Peter: Nintendo Wii
Matthew: Ah, you mean Nintendo Wii player?
Peter: No, Nintendo Wii


Anonymous said...

I picked a good time to start reading again. Well done.

Alex said...

That first one made me laugh out loud. And then I read it aloud to Laura. And then we both laughed. So funny.