Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When they put Mao on the US dollar bill, Americans can thank people like the ones below. They'll be eaten alive faster than General Tao eating his own chicken.


Jennifer said...

When China takes over the U.S., I'm moving to Canada. Wait-- I already live here.

sofia said...

the pitchfork analogy is fucking horrible. hahaha. it's all the idiotic villagers coming to gather.

Anonymous said...

The people interviewed should've been better informed, but I believe there are plenty of good reasons to oppose the expansion of government intervention into medical care when the system is already so broken and the fact that 50% of the US health care bill is already paid through taxation (mostly medicare and medicaid) has so much to do with that.

Furthermore, it's absurd to compare a gov't bill with popular novels because legislative bills are written in legalese, making them almost incomprehensible to most people even if they're short, and especially if they're 2000 pages.

Also, what does this mean?
"When they put Mao on the US dollar bill, Americans can thank people like the ones below."
While it's hard to argue Mao was anything but an asshole (70 million dead under his reign, in peacetime no less), I can't say what his views would be on public healthcare even after reading quite a bit on his life and politics.

Anyway, I really liked this show about health care reform:
John Stossel- Sick in America
(I have a huge man-crush on Stossel)