Monday, March 22, 2010

Just desserts

A Whopper with cheese combo at Burger King has 1200 calories. That means the processed food in the burger, designed to break up so easily in your mouth, and the liquid calories in the Coke, are the equivalent of a dozen bananas. It's also most of a day's worth of food, but I'm more amazed by what else you can get for 1200 calories.

Leaving aside my dad, who claims he was eating bananas by the bunch in the '70s, the ratio of people who can eat a 1200-calorie fast food combo to the number of people who can eat a dozen bananas must be alarmingly high. Far more effective than posting an arbitrary three-digit number on a neon menu that only makes sense to compulsive dieters and maybe also compulsive eaters like myself, would be a visual of how many bananas are equivalent to the meal. The Whopper with cheese combo would be depicted by 12 bananas, a can of Coke would be depicted by 1.5 bananas, and so on.

Of course, in my case, I was entitled to move one step closer to the grave. I had just run a marathon, which had moved me two steps away, and there are precisely three places to eat at the Olympic complex in Seoul: Burger King, KFC and a GS25 convenience store. Knowing the kind of fried chicken you can get here, which is to say so good that you can't even imagine, and having already eaten at GS25 earlier today, the Burger King was the obvious option.

I skipped dinner and went straight for the extended late night snack: about a pound of rice, a large cup of instant noodles and a litre of apple juice. This is the sort of freak show they should feature on marathon telecasts, not some middle-aged librarian who decided to run a marathon in honour of Crohn's disease while carrying a placard with political manifesto around her neck.

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