Saturday, April 24, 2010

I hear things

One of the things I like about speaking Korean is that I overhear a lot of things.

Adeel: "Okay, boys and girls, how many oceans are there?"
Grade 5 student: "Hey, psst, what's an ocean?"

Adeel: "Good morning everyone, how are you today?"
Various students, to homeroom teacher: "Is this the English teacher?"

Grade 1 student: "This old man is here again? He was here yesterday too."

Adeel: "How much is it?"
Barber: "It's six dollars."
Next customer: "People all over the world speak Korean..."

Middle school student A: "Oh, look, he's studying Korean!"
Middle school student B: "Yeah, look, it's even in Korean and everything!"
Middle school student C: "A lot of people come here from other countries to teach English, I bet he's one of them."

Grade 2 student to arriving students: "Hey, sit down quickly! This guy is scary!"

Adeel: "What is this a symbol of?"
A: "Hospital!"
F: "What's a hospital?"
A2: "병원!"
F: "Huh?"

Girl: "Hey, what's this?"
Girl: "Come on, be quiet! Come on!"
Girl: "What's this?! What's this?!"

She was talking to the cat perched on her shoulder as she walked around a convenience store.


Jennifer said...

I don't think you're scary. Or old.

Huda said...

haha r u scary?