Thursday, May 06, 2010

I see things, too

If you walk around enough in the magical city of Seoul, the city so nice they named it about a dozen times, you can see some magical things, like:

- a man standing at the narrow mountain road that is the entrance to my neighbourhood in a teal blue sash handing out business cards for an aspiring councilor, 7:30 am on a Friday

- high school student getting off motorcycle and giving a deep bow, 7 am at Gyung Hee University

- woman obstructing my way through a narrow pass near the peak of a mountain, but compensating by saying "hello, thank you, me too" and then another "thank you, me too". then another one, and then yet another one, the last one from about 30 feet away.

- SBS switching deftly from showing hysterical public grieving for the 46 sailors killed in the sinking of the Cheonan to a story about a restaurant where a sparrow lives and eats for free. "Is a customer eating for free?" the text asked.

- pensive man squatting on the pavement while eating silkworm eggs at Dongdaemun market, Saturday night at 8 pm

- down the street, a man pulling a cart of bird cages as though it were the most natural thing in the world; farther down an elderly ma and pa couple carefully arranged apples on their cart as they packed up for the day

- 700 students colour-coded by age and size doing tai chi in unison, sports day at my school

- fat kid moving like a runaway freight train moving downhill, winning a race against imposing odds

- an old man walking down a steep hill stepping in front of me as though he wished to have a word, but I was in no mood for this interrogation

- a man wearing a suit on the subway, with the pant legs rolled up to his knees on account of the heat

- cheerleaders at Jamsil Baseball Stadium dancing to a variety of K-trash and K-pop songs when their respective teams were at bat. All those sitting in the section in front of them were expected to stand up and join in

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