Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've missed MSN

Riyaad says:
how are things?
Adeel says:
making a test
and checking it twice
gonna find out who's been naughty or nice
Riyaad says:
do you get to hit the kids?
Adeel says:
i get to make them mine their own coal though
they mine the coal
the parents' council gets a share and the rest goes to a shell company of mine based in bangkok
that shell company executes a debt-equity swap
and that's how every ninth cup of coffee is free at this place i go to
Riyaad says:
hopefully it's not made from coal
Adeel says:
most of it isnt
Riyaad says:
also good
going to the jays game with c-dawg tomorrow
Adeel says:
oh no way
i miss baseball
even that cold dome
by the way, i just blogged that exchange
Riyaad says:
my first feature on your blog in ages


Shan said...

This makes me feel nostalgic!

(The Busan Project, hmmm?)

Alex said...

Why don't you have a tag for Riyaad?

Adeel said...

I'll add one.

Riyaa said...

I'm touched!