Friday, April 09, 2010

Oot and aboot Oscar

I had a grade 3 class last year that read a book about a Bolivian boy named Oscar. Given the Korean penchant for mistrusting consonant clusters, Oscar became Oh-sa-kar and then just Osaka. We pronounce Osaka as oh-SA-ka, but the Koreans and maybe also the Japanese seem to stress the first syllable and shorten the second: OH-sa-ka. As a result, it sounds almost like exclaiming "oh, sucker!"

At any rate, here are some pictures I took yesterday.

For those days when you need to buy a Halloween costume, a suit and candy in a rush, you can go to this six-storey behemoth and find what you need out front.

The sentence reads "I was ever a redneck".

What on earth are they trying to say here? I translate the French as "Does it wear outside slowly?" Can anyone help?

The outside of Namba station, also known as the North American Man Boy Love Association (link goes to Daily Show).

A Korean-language magazine on things to do in the Kansai region of Japan that I picked up at my hotel. I find the English "Love Donut" as funny as a literal translation of the Korean: "the donut you want to eat immediately". The main story is about some fancy donut shop.

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Jennifer said...

Cool pictures.
How long are you in Japan for?