Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I hear things, continued

These are just some of the things that I've overheard lately in Korean:

Woman: Who's his wife? Where is she?
Translator: Uh, she would like to know, where is your wife?

Adeel (in English): Guys, you meant "zoo", not Jew. Jew means 유대인.
Student 1: What's a Jew?
Student 2: Yeah, what's a Jew?
Older, wiser student 3: Some people that lived a long time ago.

Student: Wow! Athens is big! So, when Greece lost to Korea in the World Cup, were all those people really sad?
Co-teacher: Actually, it's really only our country where people watch soccer games by the hundreds of thousands at City Hall. Everywhere else, they just watch in small groups with friends, or at home.
Student: What about America? They must love soccer there.

Old man, as heard talking to shirtless runner, pointing to his chest: Beautiful!
Old man, talking to shirtless runner, in actuality: Put on a shirt!

Girl: Ah, if only I loved in a rich country!

Locksmith: So, where's he from?
Landlord stares blankly.
Adeel: I'm from Canada.
Locksmith: So, where's he from?
Adeel: I'm from Canada.
Locksmith: Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought you were from India.

Middle-aged woman 1: Which station is Konkuk University?
Middle-aged woman 2, as Tukseom is announced as the next station: It's the next one, I think.
Middle-aged woman 2: Oh, no, it's two more. No! Wait! It's this one! No! It's not!
Middle-aged woman 1: It's my first time on this line.
Middle-aged woman 2: Me too!

Adeel: Can I have a chocolate ice cream please?
Man: Sure.
Adeel: How much is it?
Man: Three dollars.
Adeel: Here you are.
Man, to customers: Wow! Look at this guy!
Customer: You speak Korean really well!

Middle-aged man, walking into a Burger King at 7 am: Can I have a Whopper?
Clerk, pointing to a large sign on the counter: No, sir, sorry, we are serving the breakfast menu right now.
Middle-aged man, carefully reading the breakfast menu: So you don't have a whopper?
Clerk: No, sir...


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Chris said...

i always love these

people really love that you try at korean. do old ladies pinch your cheeks when you speak to them?

Adeel said...

Everything but.