Monday, August 23, 2010

Almost half of Canadians would deport legitimate refugees

According to an Angus Reid poll, "48 per cent of [Canadians] would deport the passengers from the Sun Sea. That’s even if the refugee claims are found to be legitimate and there is no discernible link between the migrant and a terrorist organization." Thirty-five percent of respondents would have the charity to allow refugees who earned the right to stay here, to actually stay here.

An embarrassingly high portion of us would rather send legitimate refugees back into danger than lose our tough guy image. I bet a lot of these heartless assholes are immigrants themselves who like feeling superior to those on the outside looking in. Others, I guess, are more ordinary racists and xenophobes who feel that our country is overrun by immigrants, unemployment is too high and other talking points from CFRB 1010 with no connection to reality.

The National Post reported this weekend that the country that sent the most refugees to Canada this year is Hungary. Of course, these Hungarians presumably arrive by planes or cars, not all at once on national radio. Also, they're white and reasonably well-off (over 99% of this year's claimants were rejected), so there's less reason to hate them. On the whole, absorbing 500 refugees, and even another 5,000 needy, desperate people is no big deal.

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