Friday, September 10, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's the first week of the NFL season, which means that we can experience two powerful emotions:

1) We have the maximum possible amount of football to look forward to with the least amount of waiting, 21 weeks of 267 regular season and playoff games.

2) Perhaps more importantly, this is roughly the longest possible time until the next NFL draft and, therefore, the longest possible time until idiots bombard the Internet and the airwaves with their draft prognostications (who cares which defensive end goes at 14th instead of 17th?). If it had been possible to examine Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford's respective stool samples, I have no doubt that the self-important twits who specialize in draft projections would have used it to their advantage.

The two big trends of news for this football season are generally negative, focusing on the fact that football takes an immense toll on its players, many of whom are injured severely in the short and long-term. Slate has an excellent set of articles starting here on the realities of football, both the demands of earning and keeping a roster spot, as well as the prospect of devastating injures later on. The Onion has its own set of previews, noting that the Raiders will be able to get some exercise and fresh air this season.

Elsewhere, there is the prospect of an 18-game season and the attendant problems that come with it, not entirely unrelated to the Slate series of articles. The NFL owners seem to want to rework the current arrangement they have with players, a wonderful one where fan interest is so high that people pay large sums of money just to go to preseason games, because they feel players are getting too much of the money.

Nevertheless, I'm going to go ahead and make a meaningless Super Bowl prediction: Bengals over Chargers. Obviously both of these perennial preseason favourites (along with the Cowboys) can't make the Super Bowl, but odds are that your predictions aren't going to work out anyway. You might as well just increase your odds of putting one team in the Super Bowl, which isn't a bad accomplishment.

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Jennifer said...

I'm using your method for my pool. So far 1 for 1. :) (Then again, everyone in the pool picked the Saints for last night ;) ).