Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One last gripe about football journalists, I promise

At least the next few posts will be something different.

After Blair White of the Indianapolis Colts caught three passes for 27 yards and a touchdown, a decent start but nothing earth-shattering, Peter King pronounced:

"You know how you always hear quarterbacks say it takes so long to mesh with new receivers and get good chemistry with them? Not Peyton Manning. He pulls undrafted Michigan State free-agent wideout Blair White up from the practice squad and the kid catches three balls for 27 yards, one for a touchdown, in his first game."

Except that the reality is completely different. Peyton Manning, speaking to Yahoo, said:

"I’ve thrown to Blair White since we picked him up in April, and there’s no way he’s ready to play [Sunday] if I don’t have those reps with him. In training camp, there just aren’t enough reps to get familiar with a guy [near the bottom of the depth chart]. You’ve got be able to throw to him in the spring – otherwise I wouldn’t feel good about rushing him out there."


Jennifer said...

I don't believe you. You'll keep griping all season.

I love it.

Jennifer said...

p.s. did you see those long kick-off returns from Leon Washington? He won the game for Seattle.