Friday, October 22, 2010

My disdain for TV, as seen on TV, in lieu of a real entry

The Simpsons' endless capacity for self-parody lists the following top shows on the fictitious FOX-inside-the-FOX:

(here's the episode)

America's Ripest Bananas
So You Think You Can Judge
Who Wants to be a Welder?
Poodle Versus Elephant
Leg Swap
Old People Try to Figure Out Computers
American Idol
Dancing With Cars of the Stars
America's Drunkest Nobody
Let's Make a Veal
Somali Pirate Apprentice
Fix Andy Dick
Bottom Chef
My Life On Kathy Griffin
Pimp My Crypt
Are You Fatter Than a Fifth Grader?
Grave Robbers of Orange County

Credit goes here.

My favourites are Somali Pirate Apprentice, Are You Fatter than a Fifth Grader? (probably not, two of my students lost a lot of weight over the summer), and American Idol.

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