Monday, December 06, 2010

Beggars can't be choosers

I've had a hard time watching football this year. My work schedule and the time difference means that it's really only practical to watch mid-afternoon games back home, and even those tend to finish just as I have to get to class. One of the ironies of watching online is that you can choose the games you want, but with limited time, I tend to choose the closest, most exciting game going on, which tends to give me more or less randomly chosen teams.

The last few weeks I've seen three Colts games in a row, which is always a welcome sight, if only because watching the same team for three weeks helps me make some sense of the season, as opposed to no sense at all. So, as I watch the Colts and Cowboys, I know that one team has underperformed this year by a little, and the other by a lot.

The Cowboys have been good at, first, getting blown out this season, but are now good at coming up just short. They jumped out to a 17-0 lead while I watched a reasonably important Chargers-Raiders game. With the Chargers still lethargic, I came back to this 27-14 just in time to see a Colts touchdown, a long Cowboy kickoff return negated by a penalty, and then a third-down sack and a fourth-down punt blocked for a touchdown. Just like that, it's 28-27.

Of course, if I know one thing about this game, it's that these two teams excel at finding a way to lose. Someone on one of these two football teams, Jim, is going to find a way, is going to find a way to make that play. And we know that on these football teams, somebody is going to make that play which gives their team a chance to lose this football game and make a disappointing season--you know, we talked this year a lot about how both of these football teams had a lot of playoff hopes--that much worse for these two football teams.

Slightly creepy quote of the day, from Troy Aikman: "Leonard Davis is the biggest human being I've ever seen and I find myself absolutely mesmerized looking at him."

Vacuous quote of the day, also from Aikman: "I think this guy's a player."

He goes on to say: "In the last three years, he has averaged four yards a carry." Note that this makes him an average player.

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Jennifer said...

I just had to sigh when Manning threw that last interception.