Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 2 of Seoul International Marathon training

The second week of training was probably the most uneventful. Unlike the first week, which had the pomp and circumstance of yet another vow to train hard, this was a week where I enjoyed the fact that it was only the second week. I didn't have to run much and I didn't. I only ran the one workout, intervals on Tuesday that realistically should have been at 10k pace (6 x 1k with about 1:15-1:30 jog) that I tried to run at something like tempo with a decent pace on the recovery. Looking at the splits, I didn't really get that done, but the 3:47 at the end was nice.

Registration starts tomorrow for the Dong-A Ilbo Seoul International Marathon, which takes place on March 20. Sign up even if you don't live anywhere near here, considering that it costs only $20 or $40. Don't miss your chance to run kilometres 2 through 7 along Eulji-ro, which the New York Times calls "a neighborhood reminiscent of New York’s Canal Street 30 years ago".

Seriously, the chance to start in the heart of the city and then run through Seoul's wide, stunningly empty thoroughfares is a chance you should take every time. This is probably not the most beautiful marathon in Korea, but you run through many of Seoul's busiest, most interesting districts. For that reason, urbanophiles (?) like me should love this marathon.

november 22 - november 28

monday - 4k
tuesday - am 4k, pm 6 x 1k in 4:05 with 250 moderate jog (3:59, 4:09, 4:11, 4:10, 4:16, 3:47)
wednesday - 4k
thursday - 4k
friday - 8k
saturday - 4k
sunday - 11k in one hour on mountain trails, clear sky with views past bukhansan


About Sunday's run: it might be possible to see North Korea from land here in South Korea. I'll get back to you on that.


Jennifer said...

Wow- you're posting your training now too? :)

I look forward to following along. When is the marathon-- March, right?

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