Monday, December 06, 2010

Week 3 of Seoul International Marathon training

I ran a half marathon this weekend, partly because I haven't run one in over a year, partly because I wanted to see how my endurance compares with speed. I ran a 39:31 10k last month, which is good for about a 1:28 or so, but I'd have been happy with a 1:30.

This race started at 2 pm on a cold afternoon, but I was so lazy and unconcerned that I got to the start line (mercifully in front of the subway exit) just to see the race take off. Thanks to the wonders of chip timing (there's probably a picture of me holding my gloves in my mouth as I cross the line), I calmly started 2 minutes late and got to pass most of the field.

Like I often do in half marathons, including my fastest, I ran the third quarter way too fast, and ran out of steam near the end. Not having much strength, the last 2-3k were a real struggle and I finished in 1:32. The 5k splits were 21:46, 21:19, 20:50 and the last 6k in about 28 minutes.

Other than that, I ran every day this week, but no more than 20 minutes.

november 29 - december 5

monday - 3k
tuesday - 4k
wednesday - 3k
thursday - 3k
friday - 3k
saturday - kookmin gungang half marathon in 1:32:10
sunday - 4k



Jennifer said...

I guess you got your answer about how your endurance compares to speed. Not surprising considering your lower mileage. Will you have another shot at a half-marathon sometime in January or February?

Adeel said...

Maybe or maybe not in February, but March 1 for sure.