Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 5 of Seoul International Marathon training

This was an all-round crappy week, but not without its positives, namely that I ran for almost two hours and 30 minutes on Sunday, probably the longest run I'll do before this marathon.

I ran a 12 km race at Buramsan in northeastern Seoul, though anyone who could read a map could see that it was 14k. The course was simple: 5.3 km going north up the mountain (500 m elevation), and descending a quick, steep 350 m to a pass before going back the way you came.

I thought it would take about 90 minutes and we would only go to the top once. It took 47 minutes to get to the top and another 20 minutes to manage the steep mile down to the turnaround point. That was pretty much all the energy I had on this day, so between not being very good at at hiking, not carrying any food, and not being in great shape, I was left far behind by people I'm much faster than on the roads.

I sputtered down in 2:24. My reaction at finishing, as captured by a high-powered lens is shown below. This was definitely the hardest race I have ever run in my life. Even if I was good at this, it was the equivalent of a 20-25 km race with a tough, icy trail. The winds at the top (it's named Turtle Rock for a reason) were torturous when already tired, hungry and also somewhat confused about the way down.

The rest of the week was also a wash, mostly due to staying up too late and not running in the morning.

december 13 - december 19

monday - 4k
tuesday - off
wednesday - 6 x 800 at art school, -12
thursday - off
friday - off
saturday - 4k
sunday - buramsan 12k in 2:24, 5.3k to the top in 47, turnaround in 1:08, very tough



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