Sunday, January 09, 2011

NFL playoff predictions

I suffered and laboured all season to watch NFL games in bits and pieces, here and there, while writing and marking tests, streamed on my tiny netbook. When I finally get a chance to watch pro football on the over-hyped, over-decibilized stage of the playoffs, I get treated to the Seahawks and Saints?

Yes, I realize that the games have already started, but take my word for it that I would've picked the Saints to win even if they weren't up 10-0 right now.

I also pick the Colts, Ravens and, as much as I hate Michael Vick for the never-ending, uncritical hype heaped on him by commentators, the Eagles. I have to confess that watching games from overseas all year has made me rely more on what I read than what I see, except for teams like the Colts, Jets and Patriots, so that probably makes me more likely to be accurate than previous years.

I think the Saints and Ravens are likely to win, but the Colts-Jets is as unpredictable as it is likely to be entertaining. This is definitely the highlight of the week, obvious from its being scheduled on a Saturday night. Both teams have excelled this year at finding ways to lose, particularly their quarterbacks and particularly in key situations, so it'll be interesting to see which team just does not make plays.


Jennifer said...

I dropped out of my season pool because it was too much like school and no fun. I'm in a better one for the playoffs and made the same picks you did for probably the same reasons.

Yes, it's a joke that the 'hawks are even in the playoffs, and this first game is less than a treat, but the playoffs will get better after this, I'm sure.

Chris said...

i went with the opposite team for every matchup. i had to as a result of needing points in my pool at work.

Jennifer said...

So far you're doing well in your pool, Chris. :) I'm sucking in mine.

Adeel said...

You picked against the Eagles? Blasphemy.